Regional Waste Management Group

A Regional Waste Management Group (RWMG) is a group of Councils that have joined or been joined together to:

  • plan for waste management and resource recovery facilities and services in their regions
  • coordinate the activities of their member councils to give effect to state policies, strategies, and programs relating to waste
  • facilitate and foster best practices in waste management.


In Victoria waste management groups are Victorian State Government statutory authorities, established under amendments in 1996 and 2006 to the Victorian Environment Protection Act 1970.

Regional Waste Management Groups are required to:

  1. produce a 5-yearly Regional Waste Management Plan (RWMP) which sets a strategic direction for waste policy in the region, in line with current state government waste policy, and also includes a landfill schedule for the region. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has responsibility for review and endorsement of these plans, and more detail on EPA requirements for these plans is available here.
  2. produce an annual business plan outlining objectives and priorities for the next three years, financial projections for the period, a budget for the next financial year, and which actions will be undertaken in the next financial year. This business plan must be consistent with the current business plan of Sustainability Victoria and is submitted to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change for approval. These plans are available from each RWMG.

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