Register of Public Roads

A Register of Public Roads is a document containing information about a Councils public road network, available for perusal by the public.


The Victorian Road Management Act specifies that a register of public roads should contain the following information:

  • the name of each public road or, if unnamed, an identifiable description;
  • the classification of the public road in accordance with road hierarchy classification outlined in section 3;
  • if a road becomes a public road after 1 July 2004, the date on which the road became a public road;
  • if a public road ceases to be a public road, the date on which the road ceased to be a public road;
  • further description, such as road segments details, where Council considers appropriate;
  • any ancillary areas designated under Section 18 of the Act, areas such as a scenic lookout, rest stop and indented car park.

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