A road is a narrow strip of land cleared of vegetation and often improved by the importation and compaction of rock and/or other material. Roads are constructed primarily to allow vehicles to easily travel from one point to another.

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Queensland Local Government Act 2009

Section 59(2) of the Queensland Local Government Act 2009 defines a road as -

  • an area of land that is dedicated to public use as a road; or
  • an area of land that is developed for, has as one of its main uses, the driving or riding of motor vehicles; and is open to, or used by, the public; or
  • a footpath or bicycle path; or
  • a bridge, culvert, ferry, ford, punt, tunnel or viaduct.

Victorian Road Management Act 2004

Section 3 of the Victorian Road Management Act 2004 defines a road as –

  • any public highway;
  • any ancillary area;
  • any land declared to be a road under section 11 of Road Management Act 2004 or forming part of a public highway or ancillary area.

Schedule 10 of the Act lists Councils' powers over roads. These powers are listed below:


Austroads defines a road as a "link in the network which exists to carry traffic reasonably efficiently. on which severe traffic restraint is inappropriate (included 'arterials', 'main roads' and other traffic routes).

Road Classifications


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