Road Hazard

A traffic hazard or road hazard is any condition, object or defect that could present a hazard to road users.


Traffic Hazard Examples

The following items could present a hazard to road users. (Please feel free to add to the list)

  • Materials fallen from vehicles
  • Dead animals
  • Wet clay and other slippery substances
  • Accumulation of dirt or other granular materials on the traffic lane of sealed roads
  • Ponding of water
  • Fallen trees
  • Oil spills
  • Stray livestock
  • Pavement or Surface Defects
  • Tree limbs or trees that are in immediate danger of falling and causing a danger to the public
  • Trees, shrubs or grasses that have grown to restrict design sight distance to intersections or restrict viewing of safety signs
  • Vegetation intruding within an envelope over roadways from the back of shoulder and/or kerb and a minimum of 4.5m height clearance over pavement and the trafficable portion of shoulders
  • Vegetation hazard over pedestrian/bicycle paths, intruding into a clearance envelope between the edges of path and a minimum of 2.0m height clearance over path
  • Missing, illegible or damaged safety signs
  • A missing or damaged guidepost at a critical location.
  • Missing or damaged safety barriers, guard rails and/or fencing at a critical location.
  • Vertical Footpath Joint Displacements
  • Missing, illegible or confusing pavement markings at a critical location
  • An inoperative or confusing traffic signal
  • Abandoned or damaged vehicles

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