Road Network Provision and Maintenance

The provision and maintenance of the local Road Network is a key Council Service.

Victorian Road Management Act 2004

Section 34 of the Victorian Road Management Act 2004 defines the general functions of a road authority.

It states that:
(1) A road authority has the following general
(a) to provide and maintain, as part of a network
of roads, roads for use by the community
served by the road authority;
(b) to manage the use of roads having regard to
the principle that the primary purpose of a
road is to be used by members of the public
and that other uses are to be managed in a
manner which minimises any adverse effect
on the safe and efficient operation of the
road and on the environment;
(c) to manage traffic on roads in a manner that
enhances the safe and efficient operation of
(ca) to design, construct, inspect, repair and
maintain roads and road infrastructure;
(d) to coordinate the installation of infrastructure
on roads and the conduct of other works in
such a way as to minimise, as far as is
reasonably practicable, adverse impacts on the
provision of utility or public transport
(e) to undertake works and activities which
promote the functions referred to in
paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (ca) and to
undertake activities which promote the
function in paragraph (d).
(2) The general functions conferred on a road
authority under subsection (1) are not to be
construed as limiting any other functions
conferred on a road authority by or under this Act
or any other Act.
(3) In seeking to achieve its functions, a road
authority should—
(a) consult with the community and disseminate
information in relation to the exercise of
those functions;
(b) take steps as are reasonably practicable to
ensure the structural integrity and safety of
public roads in accordance with this Act.

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