Road Register

A road register is an Asset Register set up specifically for roads.


Local Government Acts in a number of states require Councils to have road registers.


Section 74 of the Queensland Local Government Act 2009 states that:
(1) A local government must prepare and keep up-to-date—

(a) a map of every road, including private roads, in its local government area; and
(b) a register of the roads that shows—

  • the category of every road; and
  • the level of every road that has a fixed level; and
  • other particulars prescribed under a regulation.

(2) The register of roads may also show other particulars that the local government considers appropriate.

(3) The public may inspect the map and register at the local government's public office.

(4) On application and payment of a reasonable fee fixed under a resolution or local law, a person may obtain—

(a) a copy of a map or register of roads; or
(b) a certificate signed by an employee of the local government who is authorised for the purpose—

  • about the category, alignment and levels of roads in its area; or
  • about the fact that the alignment or level of a road in its area has not been fixed.

Brisbane City Council

Similar act and context exists in City of Brisbane Act in Queensland.

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