Road Widening

Road Widening is the act of making the surface or pavement of a road wider. Roads may be widened to make them safer or allow greater traffic volumes.

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Road Widening is an example of an Upgrade activity.

Victorian Local Government Act 1989

Clause 8 of Schedule 10 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 gives Councils the "power to narrow or widen roads".

It states:
white-line.png(1) A Council may—
white-line.png(a) narrow or widen a road; and
white-line.png(b) allow a person to make minor repairs or alterations to a building between the old alignment and the new alignment.
white-line.png (2) In relation to the establishment of permanent marks, the exercise of the power conferred by subclause (1)(a) is subject to the Survey Co‑ordination Act 1958.
white-line.png (3) Before starting any work to give effect to the narrowing or widening of a road, the Council must publish a notice in the Government Gazette describing the narrowing or widening.

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