Roads Alliance Desirable Roads Inventory Data Set

Number of Lanes
Carriageway Width
Surfaced Width
Trafficable Width
Surface Type
Date of Seal/Reseal/Resheet
Road Type
Formation Height
Date of Construction/Rehabilitation
Months since Last Maintenance
Number of carriageways
Number of parking lanes
Number of cycle lanes
Number of verges
Number of footpaths
Number of shoulders
Cycle lane width
Parking lane width
Verge width
Road height clearance
Surface depth
Pavement Type
Pavement layer 1 material
Pavement layer 1 depth
Pavement layer 1 stabilising agent
Pavement layer 2 material
Pavement layer 2 depth
Pavement layer 2 stabilising agent
Pavement layer 3 material
Pavement layer 3 depth
Pavement layer 3 stabilising agent
Pavement layer 4 material
Pavement layer 4 depth
Pavement layer 4 stabilising agent
Left hand Shoulder width
Left hand Shoulder surface
Left hand shoulder material
Left hand shoulder depth
Left hand shoulder stabilising agent
Right hand shoulder width
Right hand Shoulder surface
Right hand shoulder material
Right hand shoulder depth
Right hand shoulder stabilising agent
Left hand noise barrier type
Left hand noise barrier height
Right hand noise barrier type
Right hand noise barrier height
Type of intersection treatment
Emergency communication
Route lighting
Intersection lighting
Intelligent transport systems
Left hand kerb type
Right hand kerb type
Left hand footpath type
Left hand footpath width
Right hand footpath type
Right hand footpath width
Number of Cells/Pipes
Width of cells for box culverts
Pipe diameter or cell height for box culverts
Culvert type
Median width
Median type
Left hand guardrail type
Right hand guardrail type
Left hand fencing
Right hand fencing
Edge line
Cyclepath type
Cyclepath width
Heavy vehicle parking
Rest area
Traffic management devices
Weighing pad
Level crossing control
Guide posts
Regulatory, advisory and information signs

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