Roads Alliance Hub

The Roads Alliance Hub is a Queensland-wide Data Management System developed to fulfill the aggregation task required by the Roads Alliance. The Hub's ultimate aim is for RRGs and the Board to report on the vision for each road in the LRRS network, its current state and the investment gap between the desired and actual condition.

Although the initial focus of Hub is on LRRS, the system will be required to accept data for all local roads in Queensland – approximately 140,000kms. Similarly, whilst the initial focus is on the minimum common dataset the system will be able to accept an extended dataset, known as the desirable dataset. Upon implementation the Roads Alliance Hub is expected to provide comprehensive, reliable and comparable data and reports at a local, regional and state-wide level. The data will be available for use by all levels of government and their relevant stakeholders.

The primary role of the Hub is to:

  • collect the minimum dataset plus planning and program data from all road authorities
  • store the information in a structured data repository
  • aggregate the information to provide spatial and trend views
  • report information necessary to support regional decision making to RRGs
  • provide specific road authority reports.

The Hub will provide reports on:

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