Roads Alliance Minimum Common Data Set

Roads Alliance Minimum Common Data Set is a list of fields that that the Queensland Roads Alliance encourages all Regional Road Group members to include in their road registers to facilitate the management and reporting of assets.

Some fields are designated as mandatory and cannot be left blank to enable the Hub to function.

Minimum Common Data Set Codes & Fields for Roads

R001 Date of Survey
R002 Weather Conditions
R003 Assessor Last Name
R004 Name of Alliance Accredited System
R005 Distance measurement accuracy
R006 Spatial measurement accuracy
R100 Dedicated Road
R101 Open for public use
R102 Road Category
R103 Local Government Number
R104 Road Authority
R105 Road Name
R106 Road Number
R107 Alliance Road Classification
R108 Segment Number
R110 Carriageway Code
R111 Regional Road Group Name
R200 Description of start point for through chainage
R201 Through chainage of the start of segment from start point
R202 Through chainage of the end of segment from start point
R203 Prescribed Direction
R204 Terrain
R205 Environmental Zone
R300 Number of Lanes
R301 Carriageway Width
R302 Surfaced Width
R303 Trafficable Width
R304 Surface Type
R305 Date of Seal/Reseal/Resheet
R306 Road Type
R307 Formation Height
R308 Date of Construction/Rehabilitation
R309 Months since Last Maintenance
R310 Number of carriageways
R400 Roughness – not for unsealed roads
R401 Rutting – Manual – not for unsealed roads
R402 Rutting - Equipment Based – not for unsealed roads
R403 Local Surface Defects – not for unsealed roads
R404 Driveability – Manual – unsealed roads only
R405 Driveability - Equipment Based – unsealed roads only
R406 Road Profile – unsealed roads only
R417 IRI (International Roughness Index)
R500 AADT - count
R501 AADT - estimate
R502 Date of AADT
R503 % Commercial Vehicles
R504 % Commercial Vehicles
R505 Road Use
R522 Speed environment
R526 Heavy vehicle type
R529 School bus route

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