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Strategy - A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.

Street - A street is a road that has mainly continuous housing or buildings on one side or both. It provides access to houses, buildings, shops, etc. with frontages onto the street. A street, by definition, is therefore found only in an urban area.

Street Lighting - Street lighting is lighting designed to provide night time illumination for variety of road users (but mainly classified as Pedestrian or Vehicle user).

Street Sign - A Street Sign is a sign displaying the name of a street, erected adjacent to that street and typically at the intersection of that street and an intersecting street.

Street Sweeping - Street Sweeping is an activity undertaken to remove unwanted material such as litter and excess aggregate from the road surface. It is generally undertaken for aesthetic reasons, but may also contribute to improved road safety and air & water quality. It may also be carried out prior to resurfacing a road and crack sealing.

Street Tree - A street tree is a tree located within a road reserve. They are typically located on the nature strip, but are also sometimes located on a central median, a roundabout or adjacent to a carpark.

Streetscape - Streetscape is the term given to the collective appearance of all buildings, footpaths and gardens along a street. The streetscape is the visual identity of a neighbourhood and plays an important role in facilitating interaction between residents and creating a community.

Streetscape Plan - A Streetscape Plan is the portion of a Development Plan showing the visible components within a street (or part of a street) between facing buildings, including the form of buildings, setbacks, fencing, landscaping, driveway and street layout and surfaces, utility services and street furniture such as lighting, signs, barriers and bus shelters.

Stress Wave Non-Destructive Testing - Stress Wave Non-Destructive Testing is a method for testing the integrity of materials, and is most commonly applied to timber structures. A stress wave is induced in a section of timber by attaching a device that can generate an impulsive force on the timber. The speed of the induced stress wave is measured at the point of impact and finally measured again at some distance from the initial point of impact. The difference between initial and final speed can be used as an indicator for the density of the timber section and possible presence of decay.

Stripping - Stripping (in the context of a sprayed seal) is the loss of aggregate from the surface, resulting in exposed binder and/or pavement.

Structure - A structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a material object or system, or the object or system so organized.2

Sub-Arterial Road - A sub-arterial road is a road connecting arterial roads to areas of development, and carrying traffic directly from one part of a region to another.

Sub-base - A sub-base (also subbase) is a layer of crushed rock or similar material located above the subgrade, but beneath the base course of a road pavement.

Sub-component - A sub-component is an identifiable but relatively low value part of an asset. The value of a sub-component is rolled up into the value of the parent component.

Subdivision - A Subdivision in Town Planning terms, is the splitting up of a large block of land into 2 or more smaller allotments. Larger subdivisions typically require the construction of civil works, including, Roadworks, Drainage, Sewerage & Water Reticulation.

Subdivision Plan - [[include Plan-of-Subdivision]]

Subgrade - The subgrade is the native material underneath a constructed road.

Submersible Pump - A Submersible Pump is a pump that has been designed to operate while partially for fully submerged in either water or sewage. Submersible pumps are commonly used to transfer sewage to a wastewater treatment facility.

Subsoil Drain - A Subsoil Drain is a slotted or perforated pipe laid below ground, and designed to remove excess water from the surrounding soil. Subsoil drains are often surrounded by a geotextile material to stop soil particles entering the pipe.

Succession Planning - Succession Planning is a process for identifying and developing internal personnel with the potential to fill key or critical organizational positions. Succession planning ensures the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

Supply Extension Works - The Victorian Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2005 define supply extension works as works related to the connection of a consumer to a service provided, or intended to be provided, by a utility

  • in an urban area by means of
    • underground works over a distance exceeding 50 metres; or
    • overhead works involving more than one pole;
  • in any other area, by means of –
    • underground works over a distance exceeding 300 metres; or
    • overhead works involving more than 3 poles.

Surface Condition Index - A Surface Condition Index (SCI) is an overall condition value that reports an aggregation of a number of surface defects over a specified length of road pavement.

Sustainability - Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the ability to maintain a certain process or state. In the Local Government context it refers to the ability of Councils to continue delivering a level of service.

Sustainable Development - Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Swale - A Swale (also Swale Drain) is a shallow channel lined with vegetation, usually grass, used to convey stormwater.

Swale Drain - Swale Drain -> Swale

Swimming Pool - A swimming pool is an artificially enclosed body of water intended for swimming or water-based recreation.

SWOT Analysis - A SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that lists an entity's strengths and weaknesses, and identifies opportunities for and threats to the entity.

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