ScanPrint IMS

ScanPrint IMS is an infrastructure management system developed by the Advitam Group that lets you track construction works, as well as routine and heavy maintenance and inspection schedules/activities on any kind of infrastructure. Using the fully web based interface, you can determine and follow the condition of each asset, handle accident reporting and follow up works, plan budgets for the future years, import road condition surveys as well as a host of additional features. It contains a full featured electronic document management system therefore can be a useful tool to manage all of the information from any stage of the project and keep a history of all the evolutions during your infrastructures lifetime.

Some of its features include

  • Make a complete inventory of all of your assets (punctual, linear or surfacic) and manage all related information. Any data from the inventory can be rapidly located using powerful and adaptable filters to find the information required from both the list view and GIS interfaces.
  • Schedule and manage interventions to be carried on your structures, the activities that have taken place and the subcontractors involved from within the one system.
  • Inspection ratings, comments, flags, pictures and checklists can be recorded directly on-site using the integrated offline tablet tool. The inspection forms can be customized and configured to be compatible with international standards: NBI, AASTHO, etc as required. Any defects identified during the visit can be drawn directly onto interactive inspection plans, noting their dimensions and characteristics so that they can be rated and their evolution can be observed.
  • Detailed mass surveys for road, rail and other linear assets are able to be incorporated into the system. The results are able to be displayed synoptically using comparisons against defined upper and lower acceptable limits to quickly locate problem areas and examine the overall status of the asset.

ScanPrint also offers a range of tools to define, prioritize and prepare your maintenance project campaigns.

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