Seal Width

The seal width (also "surface width" and "width of seal") of a road is the distance between one edge of the road seal and the other.


Standard Seal Widths

The Austroads Guide to Road Design recommends a number of carriageway widths for various road types & traffic volumes. The minimum seal widths given below are based on the Austroads carriageway widths. It should be noted however, that seal width is not always equal to carriageway width.

Road Type Traffic Volume Minimum Seal Width
Single Carriageway Rural <150 vpd 3.7m
Single Carriageway Rural 150 - 500 vpd 6.2m
Single Carriageway Rural 500 - 1000 vpd 6.2m - 7.0m
Single Carriageway Rural >1000 vpd 7.0m

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