A sewer is a pipeline or other construction, usually buried, designed to carry sewage.


Sewers are typically made up of the following components & sub-types.

Victorian Local Government Act 1989

Section 198 (1) of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 - "Sewers and drains vested in the Council", notes that:

(1) The following are vested in the Council and are under the management and control of the Council—
(a) public sewers and drains within the municipal district;
(b) sewers and drains in and under roads in the municipal district;
(c) Works and materials relating to (a) and (b).
(2) This section does not apply to any sewers and drains vested in another Council or a Minister, the Crown or any public body.

In fact, most sewers in Victoria are now vested in a Water Board, and are not typically Council responsibility.

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