Sewer Maintenance Hole

A Sewer Maintenance Hole is a Sewer Access Point with a removable cover which allows human and machine access to a (typically buried) Sewer.


WSAA use the term in preference to the older and perhaps politically incorrect "Sewer Manhole.

Functions of a Maintenance Hole

A maintenance hole provides several functions, such as to,

  • conduct inspections
  • connect two sewers when there is a change of grade or alignment or size
  • provide a junction where two or more sewers meet

Useful Life

The useful life of a sewer maintenance hole will vary considerably due to a range of environmental factors. A life of 50-100 years is typical in some areas.

The table below shows the useful life for sewer maintenance holes adopted by a number of Councils. Please feel free to add your Councils information.

Council Adopted Life Residual Value
Bundaberg Regional Council 80 years

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