Skilmar Systems

Skilmar Systems Pty. Ltd. is a single director company with one employee, its Principal Consultant, David Hope. David carries out all consulting assignments that are conducted in Skilmar Systems name, but does, on occasion, work with other consultants on larger projects.

Most of the work undertaken by Skilmar Systems Pty. Ltd. has been in the local government arena in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania for State and Local Government bodies as well as local councils. The balance of the work has been in Asia, working for the World Bank, various Asian countries and on Ausaid projects.

Major areas of consulting are:

  • Strategic financial management
  • Local government taxation
  • Infrastructure assets management

Contact Information

Address: 20 Katoomba Road, Beaumont SA 5066
Email: ua.moc.ramliks|divad#ua.moc.ramliks|divad

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