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Electronic development assessment

Smart electronic Development Assessment (Smart eDA) is an online service developed by the Queensland Department of Infrastructure & Planning that streamlines the development assessment process in Queensland. It transforms the current Integrated Development Assessment (IDAS) process into an interactive, internet-based process. It has been designed to deliver time and cost savings in the development assessment process through faster transmission of information electronically.

Smart eDA assists applicants to prepare and lodge development applications using the internet; to track the progress of an application; and support efficient communication between stakeholders including applicants, assessment managers and referral agencies - all through a single, secure online portal.

As of 12 October 2010, you can lodge your development application electronically to:

These councils are soon to follow:

Who can use Smart eDA?
Smart eDA is intended to provide benefits to all stakeholders in the development process:

  • Applicants – are able to complete IDAS forms, lodge applications electronically and check the progress of the application through the IDAS process;
  • Queensland councils – those who connect to Smart eDA are able to receive and manage applications electronically for assessment;
  • State government agencies – are able to receive and manage referrals electronically;

Assessment managers and State government agencies will have better collaboration, process and information management including improved efficiency through:

  • a higher quality of application
  • a reduction in the number of information requests
  • improved information collection and reporting to the state
  • a reduction in resource requirements to input application details.

Did you know?
Over 1166 development applications have now been completed and lodged electronically using Smart eDA. And with more councils coming on board over the next few months, activity is expected to increase rapidly.

Smart eDA is constantly being updated to ensure it complies with all planning laws in Queensland. If you want up to date information, quick and easy access to GIS and overlay maps, and to be confident that your application complies with any new planning and development requirements, then Smart eDA is the only way to go.

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