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SolOrient offers an innovative and highly interactive product with our enterprise local government solution - Horizon.

Is there a need for a modern software solution for local government?
Yes there is. SolOrient identified the gap with established local government software vendors, and the limitations of their software. Existing solutions were developed many years ago, before the internet became the platform of choice for organisations. These vendors are currently faced with costly re-development of their existing products to meet today's administrative needs of councils.

So what has SolOrient been doing?
SolOrient has built a state-of-the-art enterprise web application for local government - Horizon. By utilising technologies such as XML, Java and HTML5, and an open-source rules engine, SolOrient has been able to quickly build its core workflow processing and costing system, and has recently completed its set of land and property register plug-ins.

Do you need to purchase and integrate to a third party document management system?
There's no need to. Horizon also includes its own document management system, eliminating the need for councils to purchase and integrate to costly third party solutions.

What about financials?
Work is now focussed on the major financial registers. The Horizon core system manages your funding, programs, projects and budgets. The other financial modules, such as purchasing and stores, plug-in (or extend) the core system, providing unprecedented integration and ease-of-use.

Is all processing managed by a workflow engine?
Yes it is. On login, authorised managers can view a dashboard which shows the current state of all processing within Horizon. Process control is at your fingertips.

So who are the people behind SolOrient?
The principals of SolOrient each have a minimum of thirty years' experience in local government and utility sector software, covering architecture, data design, systems design, development and software support. We know and understand local government, from local government's point of view.

Do we have any councils working with us?
Yes we do. Maitland City Council and Gundagai Shire Council are currently partnering with us. They have realised that SolOrient offers the only modern software product on the market which meets the developing requirements of councils, in a cost-effective way. These early adopters are playing a fundamental role in contributing to the direction of Horizon, and its developmental priorities. Now is the right time to join us. There are a number of councils across NSW, WA, and QLD who are already seeing the benefits of using Horizon for Water Meter Reading App (on iOS and Android), Application Portal, Customer Request App. For further information, contact us: ua.moc.tneirolos|selas#ua.moc.tneirolos|selas.

So what is Horizon?
Horizon is a powerful, corporate software solution that meets the needs of today's local government authorities, and can be used as an intranet, internet, or extranet application.
Horizon is built on proven, open source technologies and deploys consistently on all major browsers, on any browser-enabled device. If your desktop computer, tablet, notebook or phone has a web browser, then you can access Horizon from that device. If your field staff have such as device, and can access the internet, then they have the full power of Horizon in their hands.

In summary, what does Horizon deliver?
- A true, browser based web application - no client install required.
- A common user interface.
- Business logic driven by an embedded rules engine.
- All processing is managed by the core workflow engine.
- Database independence, supporting leading databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.
- Document management is included in the core system - no third party solution required.
- Global search across primary data objects.
- Integrated disposal schedule.
- Mapping using Google maps is built in - integration to IntraMaps is supported.
- Server operating system independence, supporting Microsoft Server, Linux and Mac OS.

Want to Know More?
For further information, ua.moc.tneirolos|selas#ua.moc.tneirolos|selas

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