Sporting Facility

A sports facility (also Sporting Facility) is a facility where a sport or sports are played.

Examples of sports facilities that my be owned or managed by councils, include:

Victorian Sport and Recreation Act 1972

The Victorian Sport and Recreation Act 1972 seeks to assist voluntary organizations, Government departments, public statutory bodies, municipal councils and other persons or bodies to provide facilities and services for sport and to improve existing facilities and services, and Section 14 of the Act states that the minister may make loans or grants to municipal councils and other oragnisations for:

(a) the cost incurred in making permanent improvements to sports grounds sports premises or recreational facilities established on sporting or recreational lands;
(b) the cost of amenities for participants or spectators at such grounds premises or facilities;
(c) the cost of sports or recreational equipment and aids;
(d) the cost of training or coaching services facilities, equipment and aids; and
(e) the cost of providing assistance to schools for the promotion of sport and recreation in schools.

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