Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures ('SOP') are an important part of Asset Management and Good Asset Management Practice - GAMP.

However for procedures to be useful and perform their part in GAMP, they must be relevant, up to date, meaningful and serve a worthwhile purpose.

It is not an easy task to keep procedures in this state but it is important enough to have processes in place (as part of GAMP) to ensure that procedures remain relevant to users and relevant to the task of Asset Management.

This will involve regular review of procedures and verification with users (e.g. field staff, engineers, asset managers, asset engineers, asset technicians etc) to ensure they are relevant and "fit for purpose".

SOP can cover any and all activities associated with Asset Management;
Systems management and usage
Data management and integrity
Inspection and data collection
Works order management
Field work practices
Asset Management Planning
Risk Management (linking into Asset Management)
Community Engagement
Life Cycle Costing
Sustaining services (through "asset care"), and
anything else that affects asset management performance

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