Stormwater Glossary

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Drop Structure - A Drop Structure is an artificially constructed structure used in creeks or dam spillway to control the velocity and energy of water as it flows from high to lower elevation. These structures are also used to control erosion in streams or creeks.

Stormwater - Stormwater is a term used to describe water that originates during precipitation events (rain).

Stormwater Drain - A stormwater drain is an drainage channel, pipe, culvert or similar structure used to receive and transport stormwater.

Stormwater Management Plan - A Stormwater Management Plan (also Urban Stormwater Management Plan) is a plan that develops an integrated approach to urban stormwater quality.

Stormwater Pipe - A Stormwater Pipe (also Drainage Pipe) is a pipe designed or used for carrying stormwater.

Stormwater Pit - A Stormwater Pit is a reinforced concrete chamber constructed below ground, designed to accept rainwater from surface inlets and/or one or more upstream stormwater pipes and to discharge this rainwater into a single downstream stormwater pipe.

Stormwater Quality Management Plan - A Stormwater Quality Management Plan is a plan that establishes a framework “to manage stormwater quality in urban
waterways in a way that maintains or enhances the state of balance among environmental, social and economic interests within a community”.

Stormwater Reuse - Stormwater Reuse is the recycling of stormwater for irrigation or other purposes.

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