Strategic Asset Management Plan

A Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is a document (or series of documents) that acts as both an Asset Management Plan and an Asset Management Strategy.

Queensland Water Act 2000

Part 3 of Chapter 3 (“Service Provider Obligations”) of the Queensland Water Act 2000 requires service providers to take certain actions designed to ensure continuity of the services they supply to customers. This includes a requirement for service providers to prepare a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) which documents service standards (set by the service provider) as well as an operations, maintenance and renewals strategy for achieving these standards.

ISO 55000

ISO 55000 defines a Strategic Asset Management Plan as "documented information that specifies how organizational objectives are to be converted into asset management objectives, the approach for developing asset management plans, and the role of the asset management system in supporting achievement of the asset management objectives."

ISO 55002

ISO 55002 states that "The SAMP should be a high level plan that contains the asset management objectives. It should be used to develop the asset management plan(s), which should set out the asset level activities."

It also contains the following note. "A strategic asset management plan can be referred to by other names, e.g. an asset management strategy."

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