Sustainability Improvement Plan

The 2012/2013 MAV Step Program suggests that Victorian Councils should attempt to develop Regional Sustainability Improvement Plans that address the following issues:

  • Stronger regional focuses to identify priority collaboration opportunities, generate cost efficiencies, and demonstrate credible management capacity while improving community service delivery to meet local needs.
  • Collaborative, cross-boundary opportunities that facilitate improvement in the Councils’ financial sustainability and service levels.
  • All Councils work in regional groups (facilitated and fully supported by the Step providers) to identify:
    • Existing service gaps
    • Existing capacity gaps (other than finance)
    • Collaborative short and long term regional strategies to address these gaps (this process can include regions identifying ‘centre of excellence’ activities that may be attractive to other regions)
    • Impact of these strategies on sustainability of Councils involved and service gaps
    • Level of commitment of Councils (and other organisations) to support these strategies
    • Cost of these strategies and business case summary
    • Project implementation plans (Step providers to co-ordinate)

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