TAMS Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure

The ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) has published a range of Design Standards for Urban Services.

The design standards cover the design of a range of assets including;

  1. Stormwater
  2. Roads Design
  3. Verges
  4. Driveways
  5. Pavements
  6. Bridges
  7. Guide Signs
  8. Traffic Control Devices
  9. Parking Areas
  10. Guardrails, Fences and Barriers
  11. Public Lighting
  12. Pedestrian and Cycle Facilities
  13. Playgrounds and Playground Equipment
  14. Urban Wetlands Lakes and Ponds
  15. Public Toilets
  16. Street and Park Furniture and Barbecues
  17. Irrigation Systems
  18. Soft Landscapes
  19. Sportsgrounds
  20. Urban Park and Open Space Signage

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