Task List

A To Do List (also Task List) is a list of tasks that have been identified for future action.

LGAM To Do List

  • Tell more people about the site.
  • Expand the list of service level measures on the Level of Service page.
  • Add some information or photos about some Asset & Component Types.
  • Add some more Activity Types.
  • Add some information about your Council
  • Have a look through the list of Stubs and add some content to any of the pages you know something about.
  • Add a few Stubs yourself.
  • Create a new page - If there is a subject you know a lot about, or need to know more about, create a page about it. If you are interested in the subject it is likely that a lot of other people are as well.
  • Check out the list of Wanted Pages and see if there are any topics you can help out with.
  • Add letter tags to all of the council pages so that they show up on the site index.

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