Technology Indicators Pty Ltd

Technology Indicators is an independent research company that provides ICT related benchmarking services to local councils in Australia and New Zealand. The benchmarking studies are guided by an Advisory Board that currently consists of 8 local councils.

Local councils that participate in the studies receive benchmarking reports free of charge. The reports are used by IT and business executives for budgeting, strategy planning, business case development and stakeholder management. The reports are also used by ICT vendors for enhancement of their products, services and strategies.

Local councils that require more targeted information can request custom benchmarks (chargeable option) that compare their results with those of their closest peer group (10 or 15 councils or similar size).

Recently completed studies:

  • Disaster Recovery in Local Government (Australia)
  • 2009/2010 ICT Budgets, Staffing and Trends (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Core Applications (update)

Studies in progress:

  • E-Local Government (open for Australian and New Zealand councils)

Contact: Leila Abbasova, Research Director, ua.moc.srotacidni-hcet|avosabba_aliel#ua.moc.srotacidni-hcet|avosabba_aliel

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