Open Letter

Hi, the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base ( is a free website set up as a knowledge repository and information sharing resource for Councils of all sizes. It works in much the same way that Wikipedia does. Anyone can view the site, and registered users can add and edit information.

A significant number of Councils have already contributed to the site, and there are currently about 175 users, and 2200 pages of information.

There are well over 600 Councils in Australia & New Zealand and this corresponds to a huge amount of knowledge. I believe that if this knowledge can be collected, collated and made freely available, it has the potential to save Councils thousands of dollars.

The site features:
a Glossary of Local Government terms & definitions;
a page for every Australian & New Zealand Council;
a Forum to discuss a wide range of issues;
a list of Corporate Software packages used by Councils, and which Councils them;
numerous pages about; Asset Management, Roads & Drainage, Water & Wastewater, Financial Services, Town Planning, etc.

I believe that as it is now the site is a valuable resource for Local Government, but as more Councils sign up, and start using the site to share and discuss information it will become an even more valuable tool.

I am confident that at least a few people at every Council will be very interested in the site, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could circulate this e-mail to managers and/or staff at your Council as appropriate.


Wayne Eddy
Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base

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