Traffic Management

Traffic Management is the planning and management of the usage of roads.

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Traffic management is implemented through proper road design, including the provision of traffic control devices, traffic signage and signals, the provision of sufficient on and off street parking and parking restriction enforcement.

Victorian Local Government Act 1989

Schedule 11 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 gives Councils the following powers over traffic:

  • Powers concerning parking
  • Power to issue special parking permits
  • Power to remove unregistered or abandoned vehicles
  • Power to move obstructing vehicles
  • Power to move other obstructions
  • Power to restrict traffic near a construction site
  • Power to close road on seasonal basis
  • Power to place obstructions or barriers on a road permanently
  • Power to place obstructions or barriers on a road temporarily
  • Powers concerning shopping malls
  • Power to restrict use of road by vehicles of a certain size etc.
  • Power to determine speed limits
  • Power to prohibit traffic on unsafe roads

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