Stormwater Pit Useful Life
Stormwater Pit 90 years

A Stormwater Pit is a reinforced concrete chamber constructed below ground, designed to accept rainwater from surface inlets and/or one or more upstream stormwater pipes and to discharge this rainwater into a single downstream stormwater pipe.

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Types of Stormwater Pits

There are many types of stormwater pits which are known by various names throughout Australia.
The list below is an attempt to try and group pits into types & sub-types and identify a preferred name and alternate name for each type. (Comments & suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

About half of the above would have grates and could be referred to as a Grated Pit or Grated Inlet Pit.

Useful Life

Some stormwater pits may have a Useful Life in the order of 80-100 years.

Council Adopted Life
Albury City Council 100 years
Bundaberg Regional Council 80 years
Camden Council 70 years
Campbelltown City Council 90 years
Darebin City Council 80-100 years
Holroyd City Council 70 years
Hume City Council 100 years
Muswellbrook Shire Council 80 years
Ryde City Council 150 years
Shoalhaven City Council 80 years
Tweed Shire Council 80 years
Whittlesea City Council 100 years
Wollondilly Shire Council 70 years

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