Unit Rate

A unit rate (also unit replacement cost) is the cost per unit to build or repair an asset or to perform some action. Unit rates can be used to calculate the value of an individual asset, to estimate the cost of planned works, or to perform a complete valuation or revaluation of a network of assets.

Example Unit Rates Table

LGAM Unit Rate Database

Establishing good unit rates seems to be a big issue for many Councils. Whilst it is true that the cost of an activity will vary considerably from location to location, compiling an open database of typical unit rates for those works regularly undertaken by Councils could be a very worthwhile project.

To start the project off some unit rates used by Bundaberg Regional Council have uploaded to a series of public Zoho spreadsheets and displayed on the LGAM Unit Rate Database.


The following 'unit rate' related issues have been identified as challenges for some councils via the local government collaboration project survey.

If you have any thoughts on how to best meet these challenges, please feel free to share them below.

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