Urban Area

An urban area is an area with an increased density of human-created structures in comparison to the areas surrounding it.


In Australia, the roads servicing urban areas will typically contain street lighting and include kerb & channel, and the speed limit will typically be 60 km/h or less.

Victorian Road Management Act 2004

The Victorian Road Management Act 2004 defines an urban area as an area in which —

  • a speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour or less applies not being a speed limit which applies only because of a temporary reason such as roadworks or a street event; or
  • there are buildings on land next to the road, or there is street lighting, at intervals not exceeding 100 metres for—
    • a distance of at least 500 metres; or
    • if the length of the road is less than 500 metres, over the length of the road.

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