Urban Local Government Association of Queensland

The Urban Local Government Association of Queensland (ULGA) is an organisation consisting of Local Governments that are predominantly urban in character, ie. a local government …

  • In which the majority of its inhabitants reside in one or more of its urban centres
  • Which derives the bulk of its income from its ratepayers in one or more of its urban centres
  • Which has an urban centre of at least 15,000 inhabitants who comprise at least 50% of the population of its area.

The Association's objectives are …

  • Consultation by Members as to their common interests
  • Discussion by Members of matters relating to local government
  • To watch over and protect the interests rights and privileges of Members
  • To promote the efficient carrying out of local government within the areas of those Councils which are members of the Association.
  • To take action in relation to any legislation affecting members.
  • To advise and instruct Members in matters of doubt and difficulty
  • Generally to undertake or promote any activity which an Annual General meeting or Annual Conference of the association determines to be for the betterment and or general interest of the members.

Contact Details

Email: ua.vog.dlq.aglu|tcatnoc#ua.vog.dlq.aglu|tcatnoc

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