Using a Wiki to Build a Specification

by Wayne Eddy

In March 2011, Bundaberg Regional Council identified the need to develop a functional specification for an asset management system.

This was not in response to the fact that we didn't have an asset management system. It was in response to the fact we had many systems with overlapping asset management related functionality.


I had already listed a few capabilities that I thought an ideal asset management system should have on the LGAM Wiki, sometime earlier and when I reviewed the list in preparation for starting work on the specification I realised that the wiki would be the ideal platform on which to develop the specification.

Initial Capabilities Listing

  • Renewal Program Generation
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Link to GIS
  • Must be capable of handling all asset classes including; Roads, Drainage, Water, Sewerage & Buildings, Fleet, etc
  • Browser based, and capable of generating a URL for every report
  • Users should be able to build and save custom queries/reports
  • Ability to link assets and facilities to a url
  • Open data specification/schema/format


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