Victorian Building Act 1993

The Victorian Building Act 1993 is designed to:

white-line.png(a) to regulate building work and building standards; and
white-line.png(b) to provide for the accreditation of building products, construction methods, building components and building systems; and
white-line.png(c) to provide an efficient and effective system for issuing building and occupancy permits and administering and enforcing related building and safety matters and resolving building disputes; and
white-line.png(d) to regulate building practitioners and plumbers; and
white-line.png(e) to regulate plumbing work and plumbing standards; and
white-line.png(f) to provide for the accreditation, certification and authorisation of plumbing work, products and materials; and
white-line.png(g) to regulate cooling tower systems; and
white-line.png(h) to limit the periods within which building actions and plumbing actions may be brought.

Section 8 (Local Laws)

Section 8 of the Act states that:

  1. The building regulations may empower a council to make local laws for or with respect to any matter set out in Part 1 of Schedule 1.
  2. The Local Government Act 1989 applies in relation to the making, amendment or revocation of a local law under a power conferred by the building regulations as if the making, amendment or revocation of the local law was authorised under Part 5 of that Act.
  3. A local law made in relation to a municipal district under a power conferred by the building regulations is deemed to be a building regulation in force in relation to the municipal district.

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