Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994

The Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994 is designed to "promote animal welfare, the responsible ownership of dogs and cats and the protection of the environment by providing for—

(a) a scheme to protect the community and the environment from feral and nuisance dogs and cats; and
(b) a registration and identification scheme for dogs and cats which recognises and promotes responsible ownership; and
(c) the identification and control of dangerous dogs, menacing dogs and restricted breed dogs; and
(d) a registration scheme for domestic animal businesses which promotes the maintenance of standards of those businesses; and
(e) matters related to the boarding of dogs and cats; and
(ea) the regulation of the permanent identification of dogs, cats, horses and other animals; and
(f) payments to the Treasurer from fees received by Councils under this Act; and
(g) other related matters.

Section 68A of the act requires Councils to prepare a Domestic Animal Management Plan

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