Victorian Food Act 1984

The Victorian Food Act 1984 has the following objectives:

(a) to ensure food for sale is both safe and suitable for human consumption;
(b) to prevent misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food;
(c) to provide for the application in Victoria of the Food Standards Code.

Section 7A of the Act speaks to the role of Councils. It states that it is the role of a council to:

(a) carry out the powers and functions vested in it under this Act in accordance with the requirements of this Act;
(b) promote the objectives of this Act;
(c) cooperate with other councils and the Department in relation to the administration of this Act;
(d) ensure, to the extent appropriate, that the administration of this Act by the council is consistent with the administration of this Act throughout Victoria by other councils;
(e) participate in the state-wide system for the single notification or registration of temporary food premises, mobile food premises or food vending machines.

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