Victorian Water Act 1989

The Victorian Water Act 1989 is the Victorian Act pertaining to the management of water resources.

The Act has the following purposes:

(a) to re-state, with amendments, the law relating to water in Victoria;
(b) to provide for the integrated management of all elements of the terrestrial phase of the water cycle;
(c) to promote the orderly, equitable and efficient use of water resources;
(d) to make sure that water resources are conserved and properly managed for sustainable use for the benefit of present and future Victorians;
(e) to maximise community involvement in the making and implementation of arrangements relating to the use, conservation or management of water resources;
(f) to eliminate inconsistencies in the treatment of surface and groundwater resources and waterways;
(g) to provide better definition of private water entitlements and the entitlements of Authorities;
(h) to foster the provision of responsible and efficient water services suited to various needs and various consumers;
(i) to provide recourse for persons affected by administrative decisions;
(j) to provide formal means for the protection and enhancement of the environmental qualities of waterways and their in-stream uses;
(k) to provide for the protection of catchment conditions;
(l) to replace many forms of detailed administrative supervision of Authorities with general supervision by the Minister, through approved corporate plans and express directions;
(m) to continue in existence and to protect all public and private rights to water existing before the commencement of the relevant provisions of this Act.

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