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A Video Based Condition Assessment is an asset condition assessment based on viewing a video (or a series of still photographs) of an asset. The technique is typically used to assess continuous assets (e.g. roads and pipes) where a manual inspection would either be too time consuming or too inaccurate.


Video based monitoring of pipes is generally referred to as a CCTV inspection.



Typically in the case of roads, a vehicle with a number of cameras mounted on the roof will drive along the roads (to be inspected) and record all aspects of the road, including road surface, road defects, kerb & gutter, surrounding environment etc.
This information is then supplied to a desk top application (driven by a knowledgeable person) and the detailed condition (inspection) information is generally manually extracted and placed into electronic files.
These electronic data/files can then be used to determine the condition of the monitored assets (e.g. roads).



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