Water Distribution Modelling Software

Water distribution modelling software is software that enables the modelling of system hydraulics and water quality behaviour. Water modelling software can perform extended period simulation (EPS), and indicate the pressures at each node, the flow through each pipe, stop and start pumps and monitor chemical distribution, water age and water tank levels throughout the simulation period, as well as calculate fire flow demands at specified nodes.

Most commercial modelling software is capable of importing GIS shapefiles for pipes, fittings, pumps, tanks and terrain contour maps, thereby automating and speeding up model creation.

Commercial modelling software uses EPAnet's engine.

Water Distribution Modelling Software Providers

  1. USA EPA free software called EPAnet
  2. Bentley
  3. Innovyze aka H2OMAP
  4. Mike DHI
  5. TdhNet

Water Distribution Modelling ebook

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