Web-Based Asset Management Plan

A Web-based Asset Management Plan is an Asset Management Plan that has been created as series of web pages.

Web Based Asset Management Plans have a number of advantages over a Word Document or PDF based AMP.

  • Multiple people are able to edit parts of the plans simultaneously.
  • The most up-to-date version of the plan is instantly available to everyone
  • It is easy to get public and agency input about the plans as they are being developed.
  • It makes searching for information in the plan much easier

Bundaberg Regional Council has been developing its asset management plans online in a wiki based format. To view the BRC plans click on any of the images below.

Buildings-and-Structures.jpg drainage.jpg Parks-and-Recreation.jpg
roads-and-transport-services.jpg Sewerage-Infrastructure.jpg Water-Infrastructure.jpg

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External Links & References

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