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Australian Local Government Websites

Australian local government websites typcially have a domain name consisting of "name of the council"."state abbreviation"."", e.g.

A link to the website of the majority of Australian Councils can be found here.

Victorian Local Government Act 1989

Section 82A of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 states that:

white-line.png(1) A Council must maintain an Internet website.
white-line.png(2) The Council must ensure that—
white-line.png(a) any public notice required to be given by the Council is published on the Internet website;
white-line.png(b) a copy of each local law made by the Council and in force is available on the Internet website—
white-line.png(i) from the date the local law comes into operation; and
white-line.png(ii) in a consolidated and up-to-date form;
white-line.png(c) a list of documents of the Council that the Council is required to make available for public inspection under this Act, and how a member of the public can examine each document on the list, is published on the Internet website.

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