What wiki software should I use?

This site has been set up using Wikidot, which is an excellent value for money alternative for anyone considering setting up either a personal or public wiki, but there are other alternatives, particularly if you want to host the wiki on your own servers.

Personal Knowledge Bases and Wikis

wikidot2.png Why to use a private wiki
140px-Moinmoin.png Moin Moin

Corporate Knowledge Bases and Wikis

Notepad.png Mildura Rural City Council
mediawiki.png Bundaberg Regional Council
sharepoint2.png Whittlesea City Council
wikidot2.png Wentworth Shire Council
confluence2.png Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter

Public Knowledge Bases and Wikis

wikidot2.png LGAM Knowledge Base         
mediawiki.png Wikipedia

A very good option for an organisation that wants to host a wiki on their own servers is MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the software that Wikipedia runs on. It is free to download, fairly easy to set up, and has the advantage of a very large user base.

If you want to check out even more alternatives Wikimatrix.org is a great resource for comparing options.

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  1. Wikimatrix.org
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