Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group Meeting No 2

The second meeting of the Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group was held at 10.00am Thursday 16th of July, 2009 at the Bourbong Street Administration Building in Bundaberg.


Present: Wayne Eddy (BRC), Bruce Janke (BRC), Janelle Williams (BRC), Tony Fanshaw (GRC), Peter Walker (GRC), Tony Laszlo (GRC), Peter Van Breeman (NBRC), Lisa Benham (NBRC), Justin Kronk (NBRC), Warren Paulger (RRG), Spencer Slatter (ROC), Malcolm Herbert (FCRC).
Apologies: Chantell Martens (BRC), Kevin Walsh (FCRC), Gabrialle Bogner (FCRC), Chris Littlejohns (SBRC), Bob Spencer (SBRC), Kerry Wade (SBRC).


Asset Management Policies

All agreed that there would be advantages to developing a common Asset Management Policy.

Action: Wayne Eddy to upload a copy of Bundaberg's Asset Management Policy, so that it can be a starting point for creating a Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Policy Template

Asset Revaluations

Can we reduce costs by working towards a joint contract for future valuations?

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans may need to be completed by the end of 2010.
Can we make preparing AMPs easier by working together?

Tony Laszlo reported that he had seen an Asset Management Plan Template on a State Government Website.

Action: Tony Laszlo to find address of site and add a link on this website.

Local Government Reform Fund

One of the stated objectives of the Local Government Reform Fund is to support collaboration between councils on a regional basis for service delivery and planning, which ties in nicely with the objectives of this group.

The group agreed that it should work on a joint submission to try and obtain funding from the Reform Fund.

BRC Wiki

Wayne Eddy demonstrated BRC's Wiki.

BRC Plan Register

Wayne Eddy demonstrated BRC's Plan Register.

Progress Report for ROC

We have committed to providing a progress report for August 20 ROC meeting.
What progress have we made so far?

Action: Wayne Eddy to draft report & circulate for comment.

Unit Rates

Do we want to develop common Unit Rates?
If yes, how should we go about it?

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