Will information contributed to the site always be available?

The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base is a private initiative. It is not supported by any commercial organisation or government agency. One concern some potential site contributors may have, is the fate of the content they add if the hosting service goes out of business or the site admiinstrators are hit by a bus or otherwise incapacitated.


With regard to the hosting service all of the site content can be and is backed up stored off site. It would be a challenge to convert all of the content to another format, but certainly not impossible.

There are currently two site administrators, and whilst they are not likely to be crossing the road at the same time, if anyone else is interested in helping to administer the site please let us know via the discuss button below.

Even if the hosting service or site administrators were to meet an untimely demise, the content added to the site is still potentially safe because of the site licence.

The entire site is published under a creative commons sharealike license, which means everyone is encouraged to use and reuse the content how they see fit.

All Councils are encouraged to "steal" anything of value they come across on the site, and incorporate it into their own wiki or knowledge base.

Content contributed to the site should be seen as content contributed to the local government community, not to the site.

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