Works are any kind of activity in connection with the construction, maintenance or repair of physical infrastructure.

Victorian Road Management Act 2004

Clause 6(2) of the Code of Practice for Management of Road and Utility Infrastructure in Road Reserves, Road Management Act 2004 defines works as -

any kind of activity conducted on or in the vicinity of a road or proposed road in connection with the construction, maintenance or repair of the road or the installation, maintenance or repair of any infrastructure in, on, under or over a road and without limiting the generality of this definition includes —

(a) excavating or breaking up the surface of a road;
(b) erecting a structure in, on or over a road;
(c) removing or interfering with any structure or marking on a road;
(d) planting or removing a tree or other vegetation;
(e) tunnelling under a road;
(f) connecting a road to a road;
(g) installing pipes, drains, cables, poles, buildings, shelters or other structures on a road reserve;
(h) erecting any obstruction on a road or otherwise impeding the use of a road for the purpose of conducting any works.

“works” does not include emergency works.

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