Worldwide Parking Group

Worldwide Parking Group LTD are the owners of the worldwide IP for precast concrete car parking buildings that are environmentally friendly, permanent or recyclable.
This is a pre-engineered design-build system that has major economic benefits over over traditional consultant design contracts for above-ground parking structures of unlimited size and has benefits of low cost, quiet construction methods, exceptional speed of erection and early commissioning of carpark leading to early cashflow, and ability to relocate in future, makes the WPG system ideal for airports, hospitals, transport hubs, municipal parking, shopping centres, and private developments.
Buildings have wide spans and can be erected to bridge over railway lines or roads, or existing carparking.
The WPG system can reduce or eliminate the input required from independant consultants such as project managers, structural engineers, and architects.
The technology can be licensed, and licensees exist to date in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

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