Your Development

Your Development is a website set up by the CSIRO and the Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage, and the Arts.

It contains information about on sustainable urban development, including the following topics:

  • Site Ecology - focusing on site issues, landscaping, biodiversity, soil and water management, ecological footprint.
  • Place Making & Social Sustainability - housing stock, affordability, community issues and facilities, connection to facilities, heritage and safety.
  • Estate Design - street and lot layout, urban density, mix use, open space provisions and infrastructure provisions.
  • Access & Transport - public transport and bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian environments, innovative transport modes, transport integration and linkages.
  • Materials & Recycling - life cycle analysis of materials, waste minimisation, waste management and recycling and healthy materials.
  • Water Management - water sensitive urban design, water sources, water efficiency and water quality.
  • Energy Management - energy supply, distributed energy and energy efficiency
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation - greenhouse abatement and adapting to climate change
  • Sustainability Management - whole of life costing, financial models, partnerships, post occupancy evaluation, community education and sustainability assessment.

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  1. Your Development
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